When Should Patients Have After Weight Loss Surgery?

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After significant weight loss, many people experience loose, hanging, or wrinkled skin. This frustrating phenomenon makes it hard for people to enjoy their new bodies and appreciate the hard work it took to lose weight to begin with.

If your self-esteem is still suffering after major weight loss due to sagging skin, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Burnett offers "after weight loss" cosmetic surgery to patients at John F. Burnett, MD in Fresno, CA.

Below, we'll look at when a patient might consider this post-weight loss surgery.

What is after weight loss surgery?

Whether you lost weight on your own or with the assistance of surgery, any drastic weight change can lead to sagging or wrinkled skin. Once your skin stretches out due to weight gain, it typically can't "snap back" automatically. Over time, skin loses collagen and elastin, causing it to be less resilient. When weight loss is significant, you may be left with heavy, sagging skin.

That's where after weight loss surgery comes in. This procedure helps remove extra skin and tighten your body to help give you the shape you worked hard to achieve.

How is after weight loss surgery performed?

Because it's an invasive surgical procedure, patients are under general anesthesia during after weight loss surgery. Depending on the number of areas being treated, surgery can take 3 – 7 hours and may involve multiple techniques.

If stubborn fat remains in some areas, Dr. Burnett may perform liposuction. But the surgery always involves removing excess skin. This may require extensive stitching after the removal is complete, and while the incisions are made in inconspicuous areas, there may still be visible scarring.

Most patients spend a night under observation before returning home for their recovery.

You can expect to rest for roughly 2 – 4 weeks before resuming low-impact activities. However, more extensive surgery may require more recovery time. The final results of your after weight loss surgery will be visible in 4 – 6 months.

When should patients get after weight loss surgery?

The best time to get after weight loss surgery is when you've achieved a stable weight. This generally means you've been at the same weight for roughly six months.

If you had weight loss surgery, such as bariatric surgery, you will want to wait until after you've recovered before you stress your body again. It can take over a year for weight to stabilize and for patients to reach their goal weight after bariatric surgery.

Patients must be confident that no significant weight loss or weight gain will occur after their surgery since that will cause the skin to sag or stretch again.

Is plastic surgery after significant weight loss safe?

All surgical procedures carry a risk. People who have undergone significant weight loss may have other health conditions that make surgery riskier, such as cardiac issues.

However, sagging skin can be heavy and uncomfortable to live with. The risk of surgery is always weighed against the reward, and that is different for each person. Dr. Burnett will discuss your health and any specific concerns before scheduling after weight loss surgery.

Get your ideal body with after weight loss surgery in Fresno, CA

If you're looking for plastic surgery in Fresno, CA to remove excess skin after major weight loss, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Burnett can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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