Gynecomastia Treatment in Fresno, CA

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What Is Gynecomastia Treatment?

Gynecomastia is a condition in men and boys where the breast glands enlarge due to atypical hormonal changes. This condition can cause embarrassment and occasionally pain, but it can be treated with a variety of medical approaches. Although typically the first step in treatment is medication designed to rebalance the body's hormones, sometimes surgery may be necessary if medication is ineffective. Dr. John F. Burnett is one of the area's leading experts on surgical gynecomastia treatment, which removes undesired breast tissue to restore the chest to a traditionally masculine shape when desired. For a consultation at our Fresno, CA location, reach out to Dr. John F. Burnett. You'll receive a thorough examination and a detailed, personalized treatment plan designed to provide lasting results.

How Is GYnecomastia Treatment Performed?

Gynecomastia can occur due to natural hormonal imbalances, medications, or a variety of medical conditions including obesity. It's important to understand why you are experiencing gynecomastia, so a thorough examination with Dr. Burnett is the best first step. Following your exam and a close review of your medical history, Dr. Burnett may recommend surgery. If the gynecomastia is caused by excess fat, this can involve liposuction, which removes fat tissue via a series of small incisions, a tool inserted to loosen fat, and a suction device. If glandular swelling is the source of the gynecomastia, it may also involve more complex surgical techniques that require the breast glands to be removed via a somewhat larger incision. This is all performed under anesthesia.

Convenient Gynecomastia Treatment With Lasting Results

Gynecomastia treatment performed by Dr. John F. Burnett usually produces lasting results. Still, if a client's gynecomastia is caused by medication, follow-up consultations may be needed. It is important to maintain a stable weight to preserve your results, and it is also imperative that you follow all outpatient care recommendations closely to prevent complications. Schedule your gynecomastia treatment today by reaching out to John F. Burnett, MD. Our Fresno, CA location is here to provide the latest technology, research, and surgical techniques to ensure that your operation goes off without a hitch. We look forward to supporting you in your healthcare journey!

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