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What Is An Arm Lift?

An arm lift, also called brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure that reshapes the upper arms to create a slimmer, more taut outline. If your skin has stretched or has developed a flabby, crumpled, or cottage cheese look thanks to accumulated fat or weight fluctuations, an arm lift can restore youthful tone. At John F. Burnett, MD we work to remove excess skin, eliminate stubborn fat, and tighten muscle and skin to give you a lean, defined upper body aesthetic. At our Fresno, CA location, patients often combine arm lifts with other treatments such as breast lift or breast augmentation, to create a whole-body aesthetic recomposition. To determine whether brachioplasty by itself or combined with other treatments is right for you, call Dr. John F. Burnett today for a thorough and personalized consultation.

How Is Arm Lift Surgery Performed?

Every plastic surgery procedure at John F. Burnett, MD begins with a personal consultation. This allows us to develop a customized treatment approach, determining cost, goals for surgery, and optimal surgical techniques based on your unique needs and budget. Performed under general anesthesia, an arm lift removes fat under the arm between the armpit and elbow via an incision. Dr. Burnett will then rearrange muscle tissue and affix the remaining skin in a flattering position. Results should last for a long time, provided you are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a stable weight. This procedure is an excellent opportunity to build confidence and take back control of your physique.

A Toned Physique With An Arm Lift

Entrust your plastic surgery procedure to the hands of industry experts. Dr. John F. Burnett leads the Fresno, CA area in procedures like arm lifts and other highly skilled operations. If you're looking to improve the shape and tone of your upper arms, reduce flab, and create a streamlined aesthetic, call us today at John F. Burnett, MD for your initial consultation.

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