A Brow Lift Can Help Improve Your Angry Resting Face

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Are you tired of people asking you, “What’s wrong?” when you feel perfectly fine? Or do you notice an angry, worn-out appearance when looking at your own reflection in the mirror? In either case, a descending brow may be to blame. For some men and women, a heavy brow is the result of gravity and aging, while other people are naturally born with strong, low brows. To give Fresno, CA plastic surgery patients a softer, happier, more refreshed look, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Burnett performs a full range of brow lift surgeries. If you feel that a drooping brow may be giving you the unfortunate reputation of having a “resting face,” review the information below to better understand how a brow lift can help.

Why do I always look angry?

An angry, tired, or unapproachable look is often due to a heavy brow, which can flatten eyebrow arches and make the eyes appear to turn downward. Many people with a droopy brow are often asked what is wrong or told that they look upset or tired when they aren’t any of those things – but a brow lift can help.

What happens during a brow lift?

There are several different approaches possible for brow lift surgery, including the traditional brow lift and the endoscopic brow lift. During a traditional brow lift, Dr. Burnett will make an incision along the patient’s hairline. Depending on the extent of their concerns, the incision may run from ear to ear or, in some cases, may be shorter. This incision allows Dr. Burnett to access and manipulate muscle structures, tissue, and skin to create a more youthful and refreshed new look. An endoscopic brow lift can also dramatically transform a patient’s appearance, but this technique involves a series of tiny incisions along or beyond the hairline, through which endoscopic instruments and an endoscopic camera are inserted to complete the procedure.

What does a brow lift help with?

Brow lift surgery can be used to address a long list of aesthetic and cosmetic concerns while also helping to boost a person’s self-confidence and improve the perception that family, friends, and colleagues may have of them. Some of the complaints that lead patients to consider brow lift surgery include:

  • Heavy brow
  • Strong brow
  • Drooping brow
  • Flat eyebrows (no eyebrow arch)
  • Angry-looking eyebrows
  • Always looking angry or tired
  • Hooded eyes
  • Crow's feet
  • Downturned eyes
  • Resting face (angry resting face)

While brow lift surgery can certainly be transformative, it is often combined with other facial rejuvenation surgeries to achieve an even more dramatic and natural-looking outcome. During your consultation for brow lift surgery in Fresno, CA, Dr. Burnett will discuss your options for facial enhancement cosmetic surgery and work closely with you to create a customized surgical treatment plan that is right for you.

Brow lift surgery in Fresno, CA can help your outward appearance match what you’re feeling on the inside

There are few things as frustrating as looking completely different than how you actually feel – especially when it begins to affect your relationships and even your reputation. Lighten your heavy, angry look by calling John F. Burnett, MD to schedule your private consultation for Fresno, CA plastic surgery with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Burnett today.

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