Breast Reduction in Fresno, CA

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What Is Breast Reduction?

Women with breasts disproportionate to the rest of their bodies can often experience a number of frustrations, including muscle strain, physical discomfort, or physical and emotional health problems. Some women choose to undergo surgical breast reduction to alleviate these symptoms, or simply as an elective aesthetic procedure. At John F. Burnett, MD, we specialize in providing carefully planned and executed breast reduction treatment that takes your personal needs and goals into account. Dr. John F. Burnett is a regional expert in this procedure and has helped countless women in Fresno, CA achieve the silhouette they desire. Reach out today to schedule an initial consultation to find out how we can help achieve relief from discomfort while maintaining a stunning body shape.

How Does Breast Reduction Work?

To perform a breast reduction, Dr. Burnett will begin with a detailed initial consultation to determine the goals and scope of the surgery. The procedure begins with the application of general anesthesia. Dr. Burnett will make incisions at optimal locations on the breasts, usually under the areola or radiating outward from the areola, depending on how much tissue needs to be removed and what the ultimate shape of the breasts will be once the surgery is concluded. These incisions will allow Dr. Burnett to remove fat, glandular tissue, and skin so that the remaining tissue can be repositioned. You'll see an immediate difference after surgery, and any discomfort, swelling, and incision lines will gradually fade over time, although small scars may remain. It's important to carefully follow all recommendations during your recovery!

Breast Reduction FAQs

How much does breast reduction surgery cost?

The cost of breast reduction surgery will be discussed during a consultation at John F. Burnett, MD. Our team can calculate fees related to the procedure, anesthesia, and pre-and post-operative care. We also accept a number of payment options to make your procedure as accessible and convenient as possible.

Will my insurance cover breast reduction?

Your health insurance might cover part of the cost of surgery if it is deemed medically necessary. If you want to use your insurance, inform Dr. Burnett so our team can help with your claim. Our practice also works with financing companies that offer payment plans to help reduce the burden of out-of-pocket costs.

Can I breastfeed after a breast reduction?

Breast reduction surgery may affect breastfeeding. Although some women may still be able to breastfeed after a reduction in in Fresno, CA, some cannot. It's difficult to know whether your procedure will cause problems with nursing. This is why we suggest patients be done having children before considering breast surgery.

Reimagine Your Figure With Expert Support

Breast reduction is a powerful approach to reclaiming control over your body shape and lifestyle. If the size of your breasts prevents you from enjoying a full range of activities, reach out to Dr. John F. Burnett to ask if breast reduction may be right for you. At our Fresno, CA location, we're excited to take on new clients to help them achieve their aesthetic and wellness dreams. Call John F. Burnet, MD today!

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