Information About Face Procedures

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A facelift is a surgical approach to rejuvenation that removes excess skin, stretches skin and muscle taut, and creates a more youthful visage.

A brow lift is a surgical procedure where the skin of the face is lifted via precise rearrangement of tissue beneath the skin of the forehead.

An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that improves the appearance of the eyes by tightening the skin of the lids and trimming excess tissue away.

Ear reconstruction is an expert medical procedure that repairs damaged ear tissue and addresses cosmetic issues through careful surgical techniques.

If aging or heavy jewelry has caused your ears to take an elongated appearance that negatively impacts your confidence, our team can fix them.

A lip lift is a popular plastic surgery procedure that alters the skin surrounding the lips in order to gently stretch the lips and enhance fullness.

A neck lift procedure removes some of the skin surrounding the neck and jawline, tightening the remaining skin to produce a taut, youthful look.

Neck liposuction uses a small incision and a cannula to suction fat from the neck, eliminating the appearance of a double chin for a healthier look.

Malignant skin lesion excision surgically removes a skin lesion to prevent progressive health issues and to address medical aesthetic concerns.

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