Ear Reconstruction in Fresno, CA

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What Is Ear Reconstruction?

Ear reconstruction at John F. Burnett, MD surgically alters the size, form, or position of the ears to provide cosmetic or functional benefits. Many healthy patients receive this treatment because they have been unhappy with the appearance of their ears for a long time. They may have an asymmetry, their ears may protrude at a highly pronounced angle, or they may have trouble hearing because of the shape of one or both ears. Other patients have been recently injured and wish to restore their ears as closely as possible to their original shape. If you are dissatisfied with the shape, angle, or other aspects of your ears, Dr. John F. Burnett can provide expert support. Call our Fresno, CA office today to schedule a consultation.

What Are the Benefits of Ear Reconstruction?

Ear reconstruction surgery performed by Dr. Burnett in Fresno, CA may be carried out for practical or cosmetic reasons. Regardless of why, the surgery can pay dividends with a boost in self-confidence. Benefits of this surgery include:

  • Treating various functional and cosmetic ear conditions
  • Decreasing the size of overly large ears
  • Flattening ears that protrude
  • Addressing congenital ear abnormalities
  • Producing a more symmetrical facial profile
  • Fixing torn or damaged ears
  • Remedying ears that may have experienced trauma
  • A safe and effective procedure
  • Relatively quick recovery times
  • May be performed on children as young as 6

Who Is A Good Candidate for Ear Reconstruction?

Ideal candidates for ear reconstruction surgery performed at John F. Burnett, MD may have any of the following conditions or maladies:

  • Underdeveloped ears
  • Ears that have extra folds or have folded over
  • Ears that have been damaged by physical trauma or an accident
  • Ears that have required partial removal due to a medical condition or injury
  • Ears that are large or protrude out, leading to a lack of confidence in appearance

Additionally, children as young as 6 may be eligible for ear reconstruction. Adults who undergo ear reconstruction should be healthy, not be smokers, and not have a medical condition that may impair recovery.

How Is Ear Reconstruction Performed?

The approach to ear construction differs depending on the condition being addressed. Torn earlobes are usually repaired with carefully placed sutures. Larger holes or gauged ear reconstruction may require tissue to be rearranged before the skin can graft back together. Techniques for other procedures may include grafting in new tissue, separating tissue that has grown together, or other advanced techniques. Because each case is unique, it's important to consult with Dr. Burnett to get a clear idea of what your personal surgery plan will entail. Recovery time may also depend on the complexity of the approach used to achieve your results, but you can often expect several weeks of healing time, followed by 3 – 6 months before your ears can be re-pierced.

Achieve Expert Results With Ear Reconstruction

Ear reconstruction is a complicated procedure that requires a highly qualified surgeon. Dr. John F. Burnett is among the Fresno, CA area's most accomplished plastic surgeons, and he will be thrilled to take on your case. You can rest assured that Dr. Burnett regularly creates excellent outcomes for countless patients at the John F. Burnett, MD clinic. Please reach out for an initial consultation, and we'll prepare you with next step recommendations and provide you with a variety of payment options to help this important procedure fit your monetary needs.

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