RF Skin Resurfacing in Fresno, CA

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What is RF Skin Resurfacing?

Radiofrequency (RF) skin resurfacing at John Burnett, MD is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure that utilizes pulsating beams of energy to exfoliate damaged surface skin cells layer by layer. This procedure is used for reducing facial skin folds and for improving blemishes, including pigmentation, acne scars, and more. Skin resurfacing with the Opus® is an ideal treatment for patients desiring softer, clearer, younger-looking skin, as well as those looking for a nonsurgical scar revision treatment. Book an appointment with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Burnett in Fresno, CA to hear more about how RF skin resurfacing could help you meet your goals.

RF Skin Resurfacing FAQ

How much does RF skin resurfacing cost?
Your RF skin resurfacing expenses will differ, depending on the type of treatment you get. During your consultation, Dr. Burnett will learn about your concerns and goals before discussing the different types of RF resurfacing available. Then, he will help you choose your treatment and talk to you about costs.

How can I help my skin recover after RF skin resurfacing?
Our staff will discuss how you can speed skin healing after a radiofrequency resurfacing treatment. The number one rule is don't pick or peel flaking skin. Doing this could cause long-term damage, including scars. You should avoid all hair removal methods in the treatment area, which means no waxing, shaving, or depilatory creams. Additionally, you need to apply sun protection and use a hat if you're exposed to the sun's rays. Our team will suggest certain products to help soothe the treated areas.

How often should I get RF skin resurfacing treatments?
Depending on the RF skin resurfacing method, you may need to wait a few weeks or even a few months between appointments. Deeper treatments will provide longer-lasting results; however, they will require more time for recovery. You should talk to Dr. Burnett about how often you want to come back for appointments so he can take this into account when suggesting a treatment plan in your initial consultation.

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